Congestion Pricing Indefinitely Paused

Jun 06, 2024

Gov. Kathy Hochul's abrupt cancellation of Manhattan's congestion toll left a $1 billion annual gap in the MTA's budget, prompting her to propose a payroll tax increase on NYC businesses from 0.6% to 0.825%. This option faced significant opposition from Senate Democrats and was rejected by state lawmakers. The Legislature extended its session to address the unanticipated $1 billion gap and is considering a proposal to commit $1 billion IOU to the MTA in the next budget without specifying the funding source. The impact of this proposal on the MTA's ability to finance infrastructure projects is still being assessed. Lawmakers must identify a sustainable revenue stream by the 2025 session.

This is an unfolding story. We will update the Website as more information becomes available.

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More information to come....

Starting June 30, 2024, vehicles entering the Congestion Relief Zone in Manhattan—local streets and avenues at or below 60 Street—will be charged a toll.  SEE NEW CONGESTION PRICING WEBSITE HERE.

The toll amount will depend on the type of vehicle, time of day, whether any crossing credits apply, and the method of payment. For example, passenger vehicles with E-ZPass will be charged $15 in the peak period and $3.75 overnight, once daily. Visit the MTA website for more details on toll rates. 

E-ZPass is the best and cheapest way to pay the toll. Most drivers will be able to pay with their existing E-ZPass tag and account. If you already have an E-ZPass account, make sure it is up to date with your current license plate number as this will be needed for appropriate discounts, exemptions, and crossing credits. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one on the E-ZPass website.

For more information, please see the press release HERE regarding the Central Business District Tolling Program (CBDTP)  - a/k/a Congestion Pricing

Applications for Discount and Exemption Plans Now Available Online

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