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Check this page regularly for Action items you can help with. Postcarding, phone banking, events, protests and more! In addition to local actions, we're gearing up for the 2024 election. Have an action you'd like us to post? Email us at: [email protected]. Thank you to United Thru Action for providing some of these listings.


Postcarding Groups - Join weekly, online postcarding sessions see information below.  These grassroots groups meet 3 times a week and although NYC based, activists from around the country participate.  You can stop by just to check it out even if you don't want to write. Each week guests and candidates are featured as well as issue oriented topics. All are welcome! 

Downtown Nasty Women - Mondays, 10am -12:00pm (eastern). Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the schedule/link.
Markers for Democracy - Tuesday & Fridays, 9:30am - 12:00pm (eastern). Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the schedule/link.
Postcards to Voters - ongoing postcard writing campaigns. 
Postcards for Democracy - tends to write for down ballot races.

State Legislatures -The States ProjectChange begins when you engage your friends and family to elect majority-making candidates who will shift the balance of power in a state legislature.  Click HERE for a 1 min. video "where do we go from here in 20204" and HERE for a brief video about Giving Circles (getting together your community to support a state).

Interactive NY Redistricting Map CUNY has created the Redistricting & You: New York online map to help members of the public, journalists, elected officials, and other redistricting stakeholders compare and analyze proposed district maps in New York.

Blue Voter Guide makes voting easy by clearly showing the endorsements of a wide range of progressive organizations. Blue Voter Guide will show your ballot for all national offices, all statewide offices and ballot measures, and your state legislators. In most locations, we’ll show you your down ballot races as well.

Democracy Labs  DemLabs created an interactive, clickable map of the US that illustrates key races and ballot initiatives across the nation. See Key 2024 RacesClick on your state to see what races and ballot measures will be on the ballot in 2024 or click on the “filter” buttons on the left to see which states across the nation have abortion access / restriction initiatives on the ballot.

DemLabs created the the webpage and map based on data collected by DemCast, which cultivates, amplifies, and maximizes the impact of grassroots digital media.

Live overseas?  Don't forget to VOTE! Please share this Vote Abroad information with friends, family and especially any STUDENTS! 

"Abroad civilian voter registration numbers jumped 50 percent between 2016 and 2020. Around 900,000 U.S. citizens returned ballots from abroad in 2020, a record. This was enough to bring both Georgia and Arizona over the finish line for Biden that year."  Village Sun article. Click HERE to request your ballot.


Week of 4/8/2024

Local Journalism Sustainability Act  - Help Keep Local Journalism Alive in NY!

Since 2004, New York has lost nearly half of its local newspapers.  This bi-partisan act, sponsored by State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal, will ensure New Yorkers have access to the independent local news they deserve.  Albany needs to hear from you! Sign the petition HERE. And read Senator Hoylman-Sigal's op-ed HERE. For more info. about the Save Local News coalition click HERE

It's Earth Month! Join a weeklong vigil in connection with earth environmental stewardship being held daily, Mon. April 22 to Fri. April 26. Noon-1 pm at 780 3rd Avenue (48th Street) outside the offices of Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Senator Gillibrand. We're asking them to put climate pollution policy on the agenda. Click HERE for more information.  

Save NYC Parks! This is part of the Earth Act Bill to Stop Climate Pollution by 2030 (HR 598), aka The Earth Bill. Currently, the bill is in the House and key environmental organizations are working on a Senate version.Mayor Adams has cut NYC Parks by $25 million, resulting in the loss of over 600 jobs. Join the Rally for Parks, Tuesday, May 7 at 6pm in Union Square Park. Click HERE for more information.  

Week of 4/8/2024

Let's Pass NY HEATNY HEAT ACT - Keep those calls and messages coming! 

While negotiations continue in Albany on the state budget, we must keep the pressure on! We likely have a few more days to push for inclusion of the full NY HEAT Act and the Climate Change Superfund Act in the final budget. Please join NY Renews and allies across the state in the following quick actions:

➢ Send a message using this “one-click” email tool to Budget Director Blake Washington, who represents the Hochul administration in negotiations. 

➢ Call Governor Hochul’s office (518-474-8390) and ask her to include the NY HEAT Act and the Climate Change Superfund Act in the budget. (You can press “1” to leave a voicemail message or “2” to speak to a staff member).

➢ Call Speaker Heastie’s office (518-455-3791) and leave the same message you left for the Governor.

➢Also, call your Assemblymembers and ask them to fight to ensure the full NY HEAT Act and the Climate Change Superfund Act are included in the budget. You can find your Assemblymember here


Source: Peoples's Climate Movement NY


U.S. Must Withdraw Opposition to Mexico’s Ban on Imported GE Corn: Beyond Pesticides aims to safeguard air, water, land, seeds, and food by advocating for reduced pesticide use to protect public health and the environment. 

Corporate and US government interests are currently challenging Mexico's efforts to protect health and the environment by banning imported genetically engineered (GE) corn and glyphosate. Despite Mexico's scientific rationale for the ban, pressure from the U.S. government and corporations under the USMCA persists.  The letter below urges the U.S. not to oppose Mexico's Ban on Imported GE Corn. Take action by contacting U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai and U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, with an option to contact the Office of the President of the United States.

Follow the instructions to send your emails here.

Source: Beyond Pesticides


Week of 4/1/204: Four important environmental, climate & protest actions!

Rise & Resist Protest: "Migrants Aren't Robbing You. Billionaires Are." and "The GOP stokes fear of migrants" signs and some new special signs for Greg Abbott, the cruelest governor in the 50 states. He is being feted by the NYGOP - and for Rep.Lee Zeldin and Rep. Elise Stefanik will also be there. There should be some other immigrant's rights groups there as well. Please join us! 

April 4th, 5:30pm
Hilton Hotel 53st/54 st @ 6th Avenue
NYGOP honors Gov. Abbott of Texas


Save Our Parks!

Mayor Adams has cut NYC Parks by $25 million, resulting in the loss of over 600 jobs and devastation to an already understaffed, under-resourced agency, making it impossible to ensure safe, clean, green, and resilient parks for New Yorkers. Use the links below to fight back.

See actions to send a letter to the mayor and sign a petition here.

Source: New Yorkers for Parks/Play Fair


Preserve NYC Neighborhoods!

Oppose Lifting Residential Development Cap The State Legislature faces a crucial decision on whether to lift NYC's long-standing cap on residential development sizes. This move would benefit developers but harm neighborhood character. Instead, focus on alternative methods to address housing needs, including affordable housing, without risking the destruction of existing rent-regulated units.

Write your State Senators and Assemblymember here

Source: Village Preservation


Urge Hochul to Sign the Fracking Bill!

Both houses of the New York legislature swiftly banned CO2 fracking, thwarting the oil and gas industry's attempt to circumvent the state's decade-long fracking prohibition. Now, Governor Hochul must sign the bill into law to solidify this environmental victory. Your voice matters in urging her to act swiftly. Sign here

Source: Food and Water Watch

March 30

Join the fight for climate and environmental justice in New York!

With the state budget due soon, our collective pressure can influence decisions by the Governor, state Assembly, and state Senate and demonstrate broad support for two important bills, the NY HEAT Act and the Climate Change Superfund Act. Please make some calls:

➤ Call Governor Hochul (518-474-8390) with this message:

Governor Hochul, I urge you to include two critical bills in the budget. First, please include the Climate Change Superfund Act (S.2129-A/A.3351-A), which would make climate polluters pay $3 billion a year for 25 years so polluters are responsible for addressing damages caused by the climate crisis. Second, please include the full NY HEAT Act (S.2016-B/A.4592-B) to lower our utility bills and help move our homes and buildings off of dirty fossil fuels. Thank you.

➤ If you are a constituent of Assemblymember Glick (find out here), Chair of the Committee on Environmental Conservation, call her (212-674-5153) with this message:

Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I am a constituent of Assemblymember Glick. I’m calling to urge her to support the NY HEAT Act (A4592B) and the Climate Change Superfund Act (3351A) in the budget. I hope she will advocate for all components of the NY HEAT Act to protect New Yorkers from spending more than 6% of their income on energy bills and to ensure we are not burdened with expanding our gas system or paying to replace old gas lines when cleaner and more affordable options exist. We must prioritize neighborhood electrification projects over gas pipelines to combat climate change effectively. Thank you.

➤ Call your Assemblymember and ask them to fight to ensure the full NY HEAT Act and the Climate Change Superfund Act are included in the budget. Your Assemblymember's contact information is here.

➤ Call Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie: Albany office: 518-455-3791; Local office: 718-654-6539 and demand full funding for The NY HEAT Act.

March 24 

2 Actions this Week!

1- Tell Gov. Hochul to The Hospital Transparency Act (S1003A/A733A): New Yorkers should be informed about available healthcare services and the potential removal of essential services like abortion, contraception, miscarriage management, gender-affirming care, end-of-life care, and more due to hospital policies, especially as private hospitals replace public ones, often denying these crucial services. The Act does not force these hospitals to provide the care. It simply demands they come clean about what they do not provide so patients can make informed decisions and lawmakers can identify “care deserts” and close those gaps. (source: DNWSG.org)

Action: Use Resistbot and text SIGN PIMDHB to 50409 or call Gov. Hochul and urge her to sign now (518) 474-8390


2- Tell Governor Hochul to be a leader on climate issues: Include the Climate Change Superfund Act (S.2129-A/A.3351-A) and the NY HEAT Act (S.2016-B/A.4592-B) in the final New York State budget!

Action: Just copy and paste below or draft your message, then click here to send your email: 

“Governor Hochul, I urge you to include two critical environmental bills in the final state budget. First, please include the Climate Change Superfund Act (S.2129-A/A.3351-A), which makes climate polluters pay $3 billion annually for 25 years. Hence, polluters are responsible for addressing damages caused by the climate crisis. Second, please include the full NY HEAT Act (S.2016-B/A.4592-B) to lower our utility bills and help move our homes and buildings off of dirty fossil fuels. Thank you.” 

Source: NYPIRG.org


March 15

No More 24! Rally and Hunger Strike Planned in NYC

Sign up for Downtown Nasty Women call rally on Wednesday, March 20 to demand Speaker Adams and your NYC Council Member support Chris Marte's bill.

In NYC, home attendants, mostly immigrant women of color, can be expected to work 24-hour shifts for days at a time, causing stress, illness, and unacceptable time away from their own families. And they're not even paid for the full 24 hours! 

NYC Council Member Chris Marte has a bill to end this practice (24 No More), but so far Council Speaker Adrienne Adams refuses to bring it to the floor for a vote. After several months of protesting at City Hall to no avail, 18 workers have committed to a hunger strike starting this Wednesday, March 20. 

You can help! 

  • A growing coalition is organizing to support women during the hunger strike, and Saturday, March 23rd, at noon, is designated Democratic Club Support Day. Please join everyone at City Hall.
  • Sign up for Downtown Nasty Women call rally on Wednesday, March 20 to demand Speaker Adams and your NYC Council Member support Chris Marte's bill.

Click HERE for a flyer requesting supplies to help the hunger strikers and click HERE for a flyer announcing the start of the hunger strike. Please share widely via email and on social media.



March 11

Do You Resistbot?

If not, you should! It is one of the easiest ways to contact all your elected officials simultaneously. Resistbot is used to compose and send letters to elected officials using your messaging app. In two minutes, you can turn your texts to your federal, state, and city officials into faxes, postal mail, or emails to your representatives. Resitbot also allows you to sign petitions for issues and legislation. Follow the instructions here and get started today!

Here are 2 excellent resistbots to start with. 

Resistbot Action: Outraged by the SCOTUS decision to delay, they finally decided to hear Donald Trump’s outrageous Presidential immunity case. Jessica Craven has drafted a letter summarizing what so many of us are feeling. Text SIGN PRWOYC to 50409 and send the open letter to the Supreme Court.

Here's another quick action to get you started!

March 4

From Jessica Craven: Chop Wood, Save the Planet —Special action for NY readers!🔥

Hey New York State residents! NY is on the verge of passing a great plastic reduction bill but industry is fighting tooth and nail to stop them! If you live in NY can you do this?

Call and email Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie's Albany office at 518-455-3791 (if you can't get through, try 718-654-6539) Use script below as a template, but feel free to lean into your own concerns (climate, environmental justice, health, water quality, taxpayer savings, etc.)

Hi, my name is ____ and I am calling from ____, NY to urge Assembly Speaker Heastie to prioritize passing A5322-b, the Packaging Reduction & Recycling Infrastructure Act. Please bring it to a vote this session to reduce packaging waste and climate change emissions, boost recycling, and protect environmental justice communities. Passing this legislation is one of the key recommendations in the scoping plan for the state's Climate Law and we cannot wait to act on climate. Thank you.

After you call, take a minute to send a quick email to Heastie: [email protected] (need a sample email? click here to send one automatically).

Bonus points: call Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins Albany office at 518-455-2715 (if you can't get through, try 518-455-2585) with the same message. Let us know how your calls went.

March 3

Join Met Council on Housing. In the last 2 years, Mayor Adams has cut NYC’s budget six times, making it impossible for New Yorkers to get timely & basic services they rely on! 

On Mayor Adams' budget chopping block: education, childcare, libraries, CUNY, housing, & billions more in essential services.

People’s Budget Campaign Launch
March 06, 2024 at 11:00am
Tweed Court House
RSVP for Address

CO2 Fracking Ban Rally & Lobby Day: Tuesday, March 5, Albany. Join Food & Water Watch in calling on Governor Hochul and the Legislature to defend New York’s fracking ban from a dangerous attempt to undermine it. They will be traveling by van from Manhattan. Click here for more information and to RSVP

March 1, 2024

Petition every weekend in March with VID!
Meet and have fun with neighborhood activists and help make a difference!  VID's petitioning officially starts on March 2nd and petitions will be collected on Saturday, March 30th after petitioning. Click HERE for a list of VID's 2024 endorsed candidates who will appear on petitions. As a reminder, Petitioning is required for every candidate running for office.  VID helps by collecting the required number of signatures in the district for its endorsed candidates so they can qualify for the ballot. 

Join us for petitioning every Saturday at Abingdon Square in the west village from 10am-12pm. And in the east village on SUNDAYS from 11am-1pm in front of the Westside Market, 3rd Ave. between 11th & 12th streets. Contact us if you can help or if you need petitions. 


Feb. 26, 2024

Truth Tuesdays at FOX “NEWS”
Outside the NewsCorp Building at 1211 6th Ave, NY, NY
Join us every Tuesday for FOX LIES DEMOCRACY DIES. We will be right outside the NewsCorp Building at 1211 6th Ave. Fox continues to spread misinformation about COVID-19, the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, and the January 6 insurrection. It's time to push back against Rupert Murdoch's right-wing propaganda machine. More info HERE. Thank you to Rise & Resist for organizing. 

Feb. 25, 2024

Thanks to Downtown Nasty Women for this weekly action: CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE HERE.

Pass the NY Packaging Reduction Act & Bigger Better Bottle Bill
Our help is critical to ensuring strong bills pass to address the root cause of plastic waste. Some are taking the bus to Albany. What can you do from home? Text out the info to friends and family and use you social media account to amplify the message that it's time to pass this legislation.

Amplify the message: This is SO IMPORTANT for our state, country & world!
Text your friends and family: Single-use plastic is poisoning us and the world. Tell NYS legislators it's time to pass The Packaging Reduction Act to get 12 of the most toxic chemicals OUT of packaging & cut single-use packaging by 50%. Join us at the NYS Capitol on Tuesday, Feb 27 to call for passage of the critical, groundbreaking Packaging Reduction & Recycling Infrastructure Act and make polluters pay to clean up their mess! RSVP now: http://bit.ly/2-27-24


Please add a graphic to your post. 

Accounts to tag: @carl.heastie @andrea.stewartcousins @cpeoplesstokes @govkathyhochul @beyondplasticsaction @nypirg 


Browse our graphics and choose one (or make your own if you prefer.)

Accounts to tag: @crystal_d_peoplesstokes @cheastie @andreastewartcousins @govkathyhochul @NYPIRG @beyondplasticsbennington @foodandwaterwatch
Attach graphic

Hashtags to include: #toxicplastic #carcinogens #plasticsandhealth #planetorplastic #breakfreefromplastic #beyondplastics #reuserevolution #reuseandrefill #wildlifeorwaste #refusesingleuse #noexcuseforsingleuse


Accounts to tag: @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins @CPeoplesStokes

Images: Don’t forget to add a graphic to your post. 

Feb. 24, 2024

Thanks to Downtown Nasty Women for this weekly action:

National Action: Help Americans w/ Disabilities Overcome Barriers to the Democratic Process!

Action: Text SIGN PTJMOQ to Resistbot at 50409

Support  S. 3747: the Removing Access Barriers to Running for Elected Office for People with Disabilities Act, S. 3749: The AID Local Government Leadership Act, and S. 3748: The Accessible Voting Act. This legislation will address longstanding access barriers to the democratic process for disabled Americans and help local, and state governments comply with disability rights and civil rights laws. There is much work to be done, but these laws are a critical step in fulfilling the promise of the Americans with Diabetes Act. Text SIGN PTJMOQ to Resistbot at 50409. 

Source: Jessica Craven, Chop Wood Carry Water, 2/15

Feb. 15, 2024

Let's keep the momentum going in 2024!  Live in Long Island, NY?  Join this Facebook Group, Proud to be a Democrat, Long Island and get involved in upcoming races.


Take action in the NY-03 (Long Island) Special Election to help elect Tom Suozzi to Congress!

See VID on the campaign trail HERE




and his team for sponsoring buses for us to go to NY-03

Buses leave from the East side of Union Square near 15th ST at 11AM!!!




BE PREPARED:  with Snacks, Lunch, Water, Comfortable Walking Shoes, a fully charged phone (backup charger recommended) and Warm Clothing


Questions? Contact [email protected].

Thank you!


The Suozzi campaign is seeking volunteers to hand out Suozzi literature at Grand Central and Penn Station on the evenings of Feb 6, 7, 8, 12 and 13 to commuters heading out to NY CD 3. Please ask your friends, family and neighbors to sign up to help out. GOTV is essential for this race and there are many that do not even realize that there is a special election on Feb 13 and early voting starts on February 2.  Signup here to help 



VID will be coordinating canvassing in the NY-03 district for Suozzi over the next several Saturdays from Jan 20-Feb 10.  Early voting starts Feb 2 and Election day is Feb. 13th. 

We are looking for "captains" to coordinate each weekend, driver volunteers and of course volunteers to knock on doors (canvassers).

Please sign up to HERE. 

Questions? Contact [email protected].

Thank you!



Below is the Suozzi for Congress campaign’s canvassing links and schedule, beginning on January 6! Events are run out of campaign offices around the district. 






The Suozzi for Congress campaign recommends postcarders use Postcards to Voters for writing to NY-03 voters. On Sunday’s in January, postcarders will meet via Zoom for “Sunday’s for Suozzi'' to write cards together in collaboration with Markers for Democracy.

  1. Postcards to Voters (PTV)
    Click the PTV Linktree to sign up to write, receive addresses if you're already an approved writer, or get help from a PTV Rapid Response volunteer.  If you joined already, please note that Abby the Address Bot is unable to text right now.

  2. SUNDAYS FOR SUOZZI (SUNDAYS AT 4PM)  Sundays For Suozzi continues! Each week features a special guest. TOM SUOZZI and REP. JOE NEGUSE will be the special guests on Feb. 4th.   REGISTER HERE.  Sponsored by Markers for Democracy.
    In collaboration with Markers for Democracy, join other postcarders via zoom.  
  3. THIS SATURDAY, JANUARY 27TH - IN PERSON postcard writing party in Astoria:Janurary 27th, 12pm-2pm at Katch Astoria 31-19 Newton Ave., Astoria, NY 11102 RSVP:[email protected]


Zoom links are sent out the morning of the day’s phone bank to all signups. More shift times will be added throughout the campaign.


Below are some helpful links to learn more about Tom Suozzi and NY-03!






Please join us on the GOTV day Sunday, January 14th for Tom Suozzi to take back the Congressional NY-3 seat from which George Santos was expelled. This will be a pivotal race that will set the tone for winning back the house in 2024. It will be the first step towards protecting our democracy. Signup HERE.

We hope you can join us!


Posted Dec. 17, 2023

Join No More 24 on Monday, December 18, 12PM at City Hall! (Broadway and Murray St)

Demand Speaker Adams stop stealing women's health and holidays! Click here to sign up for monthly protests.

March at City Hall December 19th!

Please join NYC Families, NYIC, the UFT, Advocates and Elected officials next week for the Childrens March for Our Schools. Key Information: What: The Childrens March for Our Schools When: Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 3:45pm Where: Meet inside City Hall Park at Jacob Wrey Mould Fountain. Enter the park at Broadway and Park Place. Who: You, your family, your school community! We Encourage You to Bring Students to this Rally to Uplift their Voice in this Fight!


Posted Dec. 12, 2023 - POSTCARDS!
There are several postcard campaigns right now to write for school board races that are coming up.  Yes, school board races.  They've become even more important as the dark money financed, "Mom's For Liberty", have stuck their noses into these races so they can take control and ban books and more.  Democrats running in these races are "regular people"  with little to no financial support, so we need to help them get the word out! 
Markers for Democracy, a robust grassroots activist group, has postcard information for these races on their website.  You can go to "Postcarding" on their menu, then select "Postcards for Democracy". You can sign up there to access addresses and more info. CLICK HERE for current postcard campaigns for school board races in California.
Check back SOON for information about writing postcards for the congressional race in NY-03 (George Santos district). There's a special election in NY on Feb. 13, 2024.  So, stay tuned!

Check HERE for a list of "Dem Facts" to help counter GOP misinformation. Share with friends and foes alike! Thanks to grassroots activist group, Downtown Nasty Women for putting together these weekly facts.

Posted Dec. 10, 2023

Mayor Adams budget proposal eliminates 100% of funding for community composting and curbside composting outreach in 2024. This will eliminate 115 greens jobs and the support for community composting at 8 organizations - Big Reuse, GrowNYC, LESEC, Earth Matters, Queens Botanical Garden, NY Botanical Garden,  Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Snug Harbor. 

Rally on Monday 12/11 at 9AM at City Hall Park

Posted Dec. 9, 2023


Vigil of Remembrance

Thursday, December 14, 2023

6:00 PM -  7:30 PM ET

Hebrew Union College

1 W 4th St, New York, NY 10012

We are gathering to honor victims and survivors of gun violence on December 14th. 

The 11th Annual Vigil of Remembrance will be an in-person event and will include speakers, music and a candle-lighting ceremony (candles will be provided).

Marking the 11th year since the Sandy Hook shooting and the founding of Moms Demand Action, the vigil is always moving and memorable. 

Posted Dec. 8, 2023
Bleecker Area Merchants' & Residents' Association: Save Morton Williams Supermarket Rally Sunday, December 10th. 2023! If you haven't yet signed the petition, you can do so online at www.change.org/p/save-our-greenwich-village-supermarket

Please join the CB2 Schools & Education Committee for a discussion panel about NYC's 60-Day Shelter Eviction Policy and its effect on student well-being and academic outcomes. Mon. Dec. 11 @ 6:30PM. Attend via Zoom: https://bit.ly/CB2-schools

Guide to Plastic-Free Sustainable Holiday Gifts!  Click HERE and Happy Holidays from VID!

Posted December 6, 2023
New Yorkers! This takes 2 seconds. There are a ton of unsigned bills on Hochul's desk. This one would mandate elections on even years, which would increase voter participation and save money! Spread the word. 
Sign petition HERE.

Please submit a brief comment by Dec. 7th.  Please follow the instructions here to submit your comments. 

If you could each take just 5 minutes to submit a comment to the DOJ? The AFT (Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco has proposed a  rule change that would mandate ALL gun sellers to conduct background checks.  Details and instructions on how to submit rules are below (can you please forward this email to 5 friends).

Close the Loophole and Demand Background Checks on New Guns Sold! 

1 in 5 legal gun sales happen without background checks due to loopholes in current federal law. A new proposed rule would crack down on unlicensed gun sellers and expand background checks to more gun buyers. But first, we need to drive as many public comments of support as possible before the December 7 deadline. The gun lobby will fight tooth and nail to oppose this rule—they want to sell more guns, even to people convicted of domestic abuse or violent felonies. We need to drive as many comments as possible.

Every year, millions of firearms are sold in the United States without a background check, no questions asked. Only federally licensed firearm dealers are required to conduct a background check—but people can sell guns without being a licensed dealer. That means someone convicted of a violent crime could be turned away from a licensed gun dealer, walk across the street, and buy an AR-15 at a gun show—no questions asked. If you sell guns for profit, you should be required to run a background check on gun buyers. It’s just common sense.

Source: Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence 


Mayor Adam's budget cuts will eliminate the entire NYC Compost Project, including the Ecology Center, Big Reuse, Earth Matter NY, the four botanical gardens and GrowNYC's compost programs. No more food scrap drop off sites - ALL GONE FOR GOOD IN TWO WEEKS !$&#%!! Save Our Compost Rally Wednesday, December 6 12-1pm City Hall Park (Enter on Broadway & Park Place) Demonstrate your solidarity in preserving New York City's community composting initiatives. Join the in-person rally organized by the Save Our Compost Coalition, sponsored by Council Member Sandy Nurse.
There is also phonebanking: “share your concerns to council members and city officials. Attend a virtual orientation with Save our Compost volunteers. Sign up here.

Please sign the petition to Mayor Adams and city council members to keep community composting which is at risk from being cut from the budget


Message from Postcards to Voters:

New Campaign: Dec 5 Special Election

Your Help Needed A.S.A.P.!

A Republican Florida State Representative resigned and a Special Election was called.  It will be held December 5 and many speculate that this date was chosen to enjoy low turnout to keep the seat in Republican hands.

What they were not counting on was you.  When you pitch in to write at least 5 fun, friendly election reminders to Democrats in Florida's 118th State House District, you're following a long line of similar writing campaigns where red seats were flipped to blue.  It's almost one of our hallmarks since conditions that would normally spell super low voter interest make what we do even more powerful.

We're writing for Democrat Johnny Farias and we have plenty of addresses to share with you.  If you can help by writing to 5 voters (or more), we can get through the list in time to make a difference. Your mailbox magic can both lift Democrats' spirits and flip this seat!  

Click link below to get addresses, for additional information and also to sign up with Postcards to Voters if you haven't written with them before:

Click here for postcard information.

Message from VID

VID has worked with Postcards to Voters (and Tony the Democrat) and they need our help! You can also contact [email protected] with any questions.

THANK YOU for helping to save democracy! 

Monday, 11/27, 8pm (and 11/30 and 12/1)
Team Hour of Action with Climate Changemakers!
Join Team Monday (or Thursday or Friday) for the most productive Hour of your day! In 60 minutes, we get up to speed on a timely climate policy issue, learn how we can impact it this week, and then actually take action. Curious what to expect on the Hour of Action? Read more here. ​There's no need to prepare — come as you are. Whether you're a seasoned advocate or brand new to political action, this space is for you. If you're curious to preview the resources we'll use, check out our Action Hub. ​Register above and check your email or calendar invite for the Zoom link. Check out the Climate Changemakers 2022 impact report with all the juicy results of last year's advocacy. (Does that say 3,500 calls to Congress?! Yes, yes it does.) We can't wait to see you and make some waves together! Register here: https://lu.ma/climatechangemakers

Tuesday, 11/21, Noon-1pm
Truth Tuesdays at FOX “NEWS”
Outside the NewsCorp Building at 1211 6th Ave, NY, NY
Join us every Tuesday for FOX LIES DEMOCRACY DIES. We will be right outside the NewsCorp Building at 1211 6th Ave. Fox continues to spread misinformation about COVID-19, the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, and the January 6 insurrection. It's time to push back against Rupert Murdoch's right-wing propaganda machine. More info here: