Resolutions & Letters

VID lends its voice to important progressive issues. 


VID often votes on resolutions and letters that are directed to our elected leaders. VID members in good standing are eligible to vote. Below is a list of resolutions and letters VID has endorsed since November 2017.



Letter to Mayor Adams Against Composting Budget Cuts (January 2024)

Letter to Assemblymember Deborah Glick Regarding Sentencing Reform (January 2024)

Resolution to Save Beth Israel Hospital and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary (March 2024)

Letter to Manhattan School Board Denouncing Ban of Transgender Girls from Sports (April, 2024)


VID Resolution Opposing 60-Day Limitation on Shelter Stays for Families of NYC Public School Students (December 2023)

Letter in Opposition to reauthorize Section 702 of the FISA Court (November 2023)

Letter to Save Beth Israel Hospital (November 2023)

Memo in Support of Medical Aid Dying Act (November 2023)

Letter congratulating Assemblymember Deborah Glick (January 2023)

VID 2023 Legislative Priorities Statement (January 2023)

Memo of Support Challenging Wrongful Convictions Act (March 2023)

Memo of Support for Lifting the Cap on NY Supreme Court Justices (May 2023)

NY Renews National Grid Sign-On Letter (May 2023)

Resolution calling for additional work permits for asylum seekers (September 2023)



VID 2022 Legislative Priorities Statement  (Januaary 2022)

Resolution in Support of Amnesty for School Budget Deficits (February 2021)

Resolution in support of Senate Bill S2277 and Assembly Bill A1251 – Microstamping Guns (Nov. 2020)

Resolution in support of Senate Bill S7762/ Assembly Bill A9945S – Background Checks and Gun Registration (Nov. 2020)

Resolution in support of The Jose Webster Untraceable Gun Act, Senate Bill S7763/ Assembly Bill A9903 (Nov. 2020)

Bird Safety Glass Resolution (July 2020)

#CountEveryVote Letter (July 2020)

Election Funding Resolution (June, 2020)

Medical Aid in Dying Resolution (June, 2020)

Police Reform Resolution (June, 2020)

Defund the NYPD Resolution (June, 2020)

Worker Protection Resolution (May, 2020)

VID Animal Welfare Resolution (Endorsement New York State Senate and Assembly bills S4234A | A6298A, S5408 | A3673, S6252 | A8009, and S7542 | A722.) (May, 2020)

Letter Urging Pardon for Jean Montrevil, (Apr., 2020)

Letter to the Board of Elections Regarding 2020 Primary, (Apr.,2020)

Letter on the Urgent Need for Rent Relief (Apr., 2020)

SWEAT Bill Resolution to close loopholes in the labor law allowing employers to hide assets in wage case cases.  (Apr. 2020)

Resolution Endorsing NYS Senate Bill S2143 addressing the broader definition of ghost gun to include 3D printed guns and 80% receivers  (Feb. 2020)

Resolution Endorsing NYS Senate Bill S6716 amending the penal code such that it will consider the possession and sale of receivers a crime by any individual or establishment other than a licensed gunsmith as defined by the bills.  (Feb. 2020)

Resolution in Support of NYS Senate Bill S4234 that would prohibit the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits if the animal are provided by a breeder or a broker.  (Feb. 2020)


Letter to Assemblymember Glick – Campaign Finance Commission (Dec 2019)

Letter to Sen Brad Hoylman – Campaign Finance Commission (Dec. 2019)

Paws Act Resolution (Dec. 2019)

Resolution calling for immediate repeal of Section 50-a.  (Nov 2019)

Letter:  Brownfield Clean-Up Extension on Behalf of Children First (Nov 2019)

Resolution in Support of S2071B / A1071C Legalizing Surrogacy Agreement (Nov 2019)

Resolution on the NY Health Care Act  (Oct. 2019)

Resolution Supporting City Council Funding of Abortion Access. (June 2019)

Letter to Assembly Members O’Donnell and Glick urging their support for S2071B (the Modern Family Act) (June 2019)

Civilian Complaint Review Board (June 2019)

The Resolution Urging Trader Joe’s to Resume Deliveries (May 2019)

Resolution for a Law Prohibiting the Use of Campaign Contributions for Personal Expenses.  (May 2019)

Resolution calling for the creation of adequate space in Housing Court for clients and attorneys (May 2019)

Resolution on Proposed Changes to 14th Street .  (May 2019)

Resolution supporting the New York TRUTH Act, requiring the state department of taxation to release tax returns of certain state and federal elected officials.  (March 2019)

Resolution supporting the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act.  (March 2019)

Resolution in support of the New York State Climate and Community Protection Act. (March 2019)

Resolution in support of funding early voting and electronic poll books in the budget.  (March 2019)

Resolution to oppose Governor Cuomo’s attempt to destroy grassroots groups by lowering the lobbyist registration threshold from $5000 to $500. (March 2019)

Resolution in Support of Public Financing of Elections (February 2019)

Statement of Legislative Priorities (February 2019)

VID supports carefully crafted legislation that permits state prosecution notwithstanding a federal pardon. (January 2019)  

Resolution Against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy (August 2018)

Resolution Against Extreme Xenophobia (May 2018) 

Resolution on the L Train (April 2018)

Resolution regarding the proposed rule changes at the LPC (April 2019)

Resolution calling on Democrats and Republicans in the State of New York legislature to increase the minimum age to buy, own, transfer, and obtain a license for ALL firearms and ammunition to at least 21. (March 2018)

Resolution for Congressional action to end gun violence (March 2019)

VID Resolution Supporting HR4937 for Permanent Legal Status for Ravi Ragbir (February 2018)

Final Mt. Sinai/Beth Israel Resolution(December 2017)

The full curbside composting pickup resolution (November 2017)