Your Voice. Your Vote. Your Village.

Founded in 1957, the Village Independent Democrats is one of the oldest reform political clubs in New York City. For more than seven decades, VID has been on the cutting edge of progressive politics in our city and state.

We work to elect progressive political leaders and judges and partner with elected officials and local, state, and national organizations to improve the quality of life in Greenwich Village and in our city and to reflect our democratic values. In these trying times, our work to protect democracy in our country is more critical than ever.

At our monthly meetings we discuss and debate the critical issues that shape our lives and those of our fellow citizens. We invite political candidates, elected officials, and expert speakers on a variety of issues to share their views on some of the most crucial and controversial concerns of our city, state and country. We organize campaigns to fight for our endorsed candidate and the issues we care about, including gun safety, the environment, election reform, healthcare, human rights, and affordable housing.

VID members (include hyperlink to membership page) play vital roles in the endorsement and election of local, city, state, and national candidates. Officially, our geographic area is New York's 66tth Assembly District. Unofficially and by tradition, we represent Greenwich Village, historically one of the world's great centers of art, music, and political activism. But our club is open to everyone regardless of residence.

VID welcomes you to join us with your passion, experience, and skills. Make your voice heard. Make a difference in your community and your country.

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VID meets at 6:30pm on the second Thursday of every month.