Village Independent Democrats Archive 1954-1969 Digitized and Released


VID donated its treasure trove of memorabilia to Village Preservation.  We are forever grateful for the painstaking work they did to preserve VID's rich, political history.  We're so proud and thrilled that they have shared the first installment of VID's online digital archives with the community.

You can access the online archive HERE.

This collection includes much of the VID's archives from our first two decades, 1955 to 1969. The collection chronicles the VID's founding out of the Adlai Stevenson Presidential campaign, our successful efforts to remove the grip of the Tammany Hall Tawana Club from control of local democratic politics, our involvement in the civil rights and other social justice movements, and our support for efforts to preserve the neighborhood, especially from Robert Moses’ urban renewal and highway construction plans. Significant figures whose activities and correspondences are chronicled here include Eleanor Roosevelt, Ed Koch, Jane Jacobs, Robert Wagner, and Carol Greitzer.

VID is a groundbreaking political club that changed the course of local and New York City history and politics. 

Thank you, Village Preservation!!!

Explore the entire collection of Village Preservation archives HERE.

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