VID endorses candidates running in the 66th Assembly District and ballot proposals in all national, state, and local elections. In accordance with our Constitution, a candidate or ballot proposal must receive a majority vote in order to receive a VID endorsement. Members assume voting privileges after 90 days of membership in good standing. Candidates participate in a General Meeting forum and have an opportunity to speak to the membership for a brief time and participate in a Q & A session. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) applies to all VID endorsements and elections except for the Executive Committee as per the constitution.  Scroll down for Club Endorsement Procedure for Candidates. Below is an update:

For voting and election information in NYC click here.

2023 Endorsements

District Leaders, 66th AD – Jen Hoppe, Arthur Schwartz

City Council District 3 – Erik Bottcher
City Council District 2 – Carlina Rivera

Civil Court – 1st District – Lauren Esposito
Civil Court – 3rd District – Andrea Krugman
Civil Court – Countywide – Dana Catanzaro

2023 Judicial delegates

  • Dan Palmisano
  • Patricia Laraia
  • Melissa Carty
  • Jonathan Geballe
  • Karla Moskowitz

2023 Judicial Delegates - alternates

  • David Siffert
  • Rick Braun
  • Judith Jacobson

Club Endorsement Procedure for Candidates

Interested in VID’s endorsement? Please follow the steps below:

  • Contact us. Email us at [email protected] with some general information about what office you’re running for/district and a little bit about yourself. A VID officer will follow up with you.
  • Fill out a questionnaire. This will let us know a little more about your campaign, where you stand on the issues important to us, and what you’d like to accomplish as an elected official. Completed questionnaires will be distributed to membership and made public on our website, so put your best foot forward. Please contact us to receive a questionnaire: [email protected]
  • Attend a meeting. We encourage candidates to get to know us by coming to a meeting. Speaking time is reserved for scheduled endorsement meetings.

 Candidates are asked to complete a questionnaire before the scheduled forum. 

2024 Endorsements

These are our planed endorsements for 2024 given the election calendar:


  • President: tentatively April 2
  • All others: tentatively June 25

Primary Endorsements

  • US President
  • US Congress NY 10
  • US Congress NY 12
  • NY State Senate SD 27
  • NY State Senate SD 47
  • NY Assembly AD 66
  • NY Civil Court Districts 1, 2
  • NY Civil Court County-Wide 2 openings
  • NY State Committee - 2 positions
  • Judicial Delegates & Alternate Judicial Delegates

General Election- November 5, 2024

  • Endorsements
  • NYS Supreme Court

If our Primary endorsed candidate wins their Primary they are automatically endorsed for the General Election. If they lose we endorse again for that position.