Run for VID

Each year VID holds elections among members for the following year. The elected positions include: 

- President (or Co-Presidents)

- Vice President (3)

- Treasurer

- Recording Secretary

- Corresponding Secretary (2)

And up 15 Executive Committee members

The term is one year for all elected positions. The positions of Campaign Committee Chair and Membership Chair are appointed by the President annually. 

All members in good standing vote for the elected positions in December/January at the General meetings. 

The job descriptions of the roles are as follows: 

President or Co-Presidents: Overall management of the daily affairs of the club, chair meetings of the general membership and Executive Committee, and send notices to members and officers.  

Vice-Presidents Assist the President as needed with overall management of the club including special projects and supervision the activities of the standing committees and special committees of the Club. In the event of the temporary absence of the President or Co-Presidents, they shall designate one of the Vice-Presidents to serve as Acting President.

Treasurer: Keep all financial records of the organization, make any legally required filings, and ensure that bills are paid.

Recording Secretary: Take the minutes of the general membership and Executive Committee meetings.

Corresponding Secretaries: Responsible for maintaining the website, updating the social media accounts, and sending press releases for the Club.

Executive Committee: Attend and participate in monthly meetings (in addition to General Meeting). In addition, the Executive Committee shall study and recommend questions and issues involving political action. Such questions/issues shall include but not be limited to: Club endorsements of candidates, nominees, judicial appointees, legislation, the Club position on Primaries, and controversial public questions.

Membership Chair: It is the job of the membership chair to make sure that all memberships are up to date. The job includes keeping accurate and up to date records, reminding members when their dues is due, keeping lists of who is eligible to vote at endorsement and other meetings, and signing in people at membership meetings. The membership chair may want to participate in activities, or even sponsor activities, related to recruiting new members.
Campaign Committee Chair: it is the job of the campaign chair to run the VID campaign for all candidates endorsed by VID. Campaign activities include:
  • Organizing candidate forums 
  • Organizing endorsement meetings (including notifying candidates and voting methods)
  • Petitioning & filing of petitions with the Board of Elections
  • Campaigning for VID's endorsed candidates including organizing street campaigns, social media/email/texting campaigns, phone banking, mailings, print media advertising, PR, and election day operations.
The Campaign Chair by constitutional mandate is an officer of the club and sits on the VID Executive Committee.

To see a list of current officers and EC, click here