Congestion Pricing Forum- Pros and Cons!

VID will hold a Congestion Prizing Forum (in-person and Zoom) on April 3, 2024, where, for the first time, an open discussion will be held between those supporting the MTA-chosen Congestion Pricing model and those opposing it. 

Unlike previous hearings conducted by the MTA, where only elected officials were permitted to ask questions and the public could only offer comments at the end of the discussion, the VID forum will be a discussion among the four panelists, and the public will also have the opportunity to pose questions to the panelists under the guidance of a moderator.

Our panelists for this significant discussion include:

In Favor of MTA Congestion Pricing:

  • Lisa Daglian, Executive Director at Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA
  • Rachael Fauss, Senior Policy Advisor for Reinvent Albany

Opposing the MTA Congestion Pricing:

  • Judge Kathryn Freed, Retired NY State Supreme Court
  • Tommy Loeb, Retired NY City and State senior staffer and Exec. Dir. Dir. American Jewish World Service, Darfur Coalition.

When: April 3, 2024, at 6:30pm

Location: Lenox Hill Greenwich Village (200 W. 13th St, 6th Floor Community Room)

Zoom link

Please join us for this important discussion.