Congratulations to VID Endorsed Candidates!

Nov 08, 2023

We're so proud of the VID endorsed candidates who won in the 2023 NYC General Election! Thank you to VID'ers and all New Yorkers who came out VOTE and to support dedicated and hard working candidates. All New Yorkers will benefit from their commitment to democracy. Special thanks to all the members and volunteers who campaigned, canvased and worked inside and outside of the poll sites! It takes THE Village!

Congratulations to:

Erik Bottcher, NYC Councilmember, 3rd District 

Carlina Rivera, NYC Councilmember, 2nd District

Lyle E. Frank, NYS Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District 

Phaedra F. Perry, NYS Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District

Leslie A. Stroth, NYS Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District

Dana Marie Catanzaro, NYC Civil Court, NY County

Yael Wilkofsky, NYC Civil Court - NY County

Lauren L. Esposito, NYC Civil Court, 1st Municipal Court District

Andrea Krugman, NYC Civil Court, 3rd Municipal District