The goal of the Environmental Committee is to propose to the Executive Committee and the membership progressive policies related to environmental issues. An environmentally clean and safe world is a human right. By supporting the club’s legislative efforts, we hope to make our actions more productive and successful.

Nat Johnson, Chair

A few of our social and legislative priorities include:

  • Expanding sanitation services like increasing composting and trash collection in New York City,
  • Support and promotion of Local Law 97
  • Passing legislation in the State and City to require restaurants to exclude and reduce the amounts of plastics entering our environment,
  • Promotion of legislation like the “Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act,”
  • Eliminating all fossil fuel subsidies,
  • Banning new fossil fuel power plants and infrastructure,
  • Promote in New York State and City renewable energy infrastructure such as heat pumps, solar and wind power.
  • Banning use of fracking by-products such as highway de-icing agents and the use of State subsidized power for cryptocurrency mining,
  • Expanding the availability and number of EV recharging stations, and switching NYC-owned vehicles to become fully electric,
  • Requiring manufacturers to implement strategies to promote recycling of their products, “Extended Producer Responsibility,”
  • Promotion of climate-friendly farming “regenerative agriculture policies,”
  • Keeping chemical contaminants and cancer-causing agents out of our water supplies,
  • Actively support NYS’s environmental goals.

Committee Members

Anne Heaney, Elizabeth Mann, Lois Rakoff, Freda Bradlow, Onya Brinson and several former club members

If you would like to join the VID Environment Committee or would like more information, send us an email: HERE.