No More 24!

Mar 09, 2024

In New York City, home attendants–predominantly immigrant women of color–are forced to work sleepless 24-hour shifts for multiple days in a row. They care for our elderly, disabled, or severely ill loved ones who need 24-hour care. Everywhere else in the world, 24-hour home care work is split into 8- or 12-hour shifts. 24-hour workdays destroy workers’ bodies and families and endanger patients’ lives. Chris Marte has sponsored legislation, 24 No More, to end this practice, but Council Speaker Adrienne Adams refuses to bring the legislation to a vote. 

Hundreds of home attendants have been protesting at City Hall every month, demanding an end to the 24-hour workday that robs them of their health and lives. And on March 3, City Councilmember Chris Marte, VID Pres. Jonathan Geballe, DID Pres. Richard Corman, and Dist. Ldr. Vittoria Fariello attended a rally at 220 Henry St. for the Chinese Staff and Workers Association and the push to end the 24-hour workday for home attendants.

Chris Marte, Vittoria Fariello, and Queens Assemblymember Ron Kim gave inspiring speeches. Plus, the fearsome but colorful dragons performed a festive Lunar New Year dance! Click here to follow updates on the HUNGER STRIKE, beginning March 20, and how you can help.



‘This Work Is Killing Them’ - NYT article, March 2024


No More 24! Rally and Hunger Strike Planned in NYC


In NYC, home attendants, mostly immigrant women of color, can be expected to work 24-hour shifts for days at a time, causing stress, illness, and unacceptable time away from their own families. And they're not even paid for the full 24 hours! 

NYC Council Member Chris Marte has a bill to end this practice (24 No More), but so far Council Speaker Adrienne Adams refuses to bring it to the floor for a vote. After several months of protesting at City Hall to no avail, 18 workers have committed to a hunger strike starting this Wednesday, March 20. 

You can help! 

  • A growing coalition is organizing to support women during the hunger strike, and Saturday, March 23rd, at noon, is designated Democratic Club Support Day. Please join everyone at City Hall.
  • Sign up for Downtown Nasty Women call rally on Wednesday, March 20 to demand Speaker Adams and your NYC Council Member support Chris Marte's bill.

Click HERE for a flyer requesting supplies to help the hunger strikers and click HERE for a flyer announcing the start of the hunger strike. Please share widely via email and on social media.


L-R: NYC Councilmember Chris Marte, District Leader Vittoria Fariello, Richard Corman President Downtown Independent Democrats, Jonathan Geballe President Village Independent Democrats