Save Our Parks Rally Update

May 14, 2024

Save Our Parks May 7 Rally!

About 500 people and a dozen advocacy groups rallied in Union Square to protest $55MM in budget to NYC’s park department, jeopardizing park maintenance and safety. Adam Ganser of New Yorkers for Parks says these cuts will result in dirtier bathrooms, trash in our city's parks, un-mowed lawns, untrimmed trees, recreation centers that don't have programs. Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine argued for the restoration of just 1% of funds and cited their minimal impact on the city's overall budget. While City Hall will support some funding restoration, it falls far short of addressing park upkeep in any meaningful way. Full article FOX5 and AmNY.


VID Environmental Committee Chair & Executive Committee member, Nat Johnson
with fellow VID member and wife, Anne Heaney