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Flip the Ballot! Pass ERA!

Update - May 10, 2024

NY Equal Rights Amendment:

ERA LEGAL UPDATE: An upstate judge ruled yesterday that the ERA amendment should be removed from the ballot.  (Byrne v Senate of NY, Index No. 000778-2023, Livingston County, J. Doyle). The ruling was based on an alleged flaw in the congressional passage process. The constitution says that proposed amendments should be reviewed by the attorney general for comment before a congressional vote. In this case, the proposal was voted upon the same day the legislature submitted the proposed language to the AG for review. (On July 1, 2022 - the first of two required passages, the second being in 2023).  AG James sent back comments 5 days later - July 6, 2022.  Republicans argued that the review must be returned before the legislature took its first vote. They say the 2022 vote was improper because the Legislature had not yet received the AG’s opinion.  The court agreed and ordered removal.

State Attorney General Letitia James’ office is expected to appeal the decision, which would pause the ruling while an appeals court hears the case. There are numerous grounds for reversal. (standing, harmlessness, language that specifies that failure to render an opinion does not affect the validity of the amendment, the second vote was well after receipt, internal legislative matters are not subject to judicial review,  etc.).  However, it it could be a close call. 

-Hon. James A. Yates (retired) and VID Executive Committee member.

WHY WE NEED THIS AMENDMENT: The ERA aims to enshrine abortion rights and other civil liberties into the state constitution. This is more critical now than ever with recent national legal developments, like an Alabama Supreme Court ruling affecting in vitro fertilization. The state's civil rights protections are at risk if these rights are not safeguarded in the state constitution, particularly in an era of evolving legal landscapes.

Beyond abortion, the ERA would protect against gender and gender identity discrimination, especially relevant amid New York's spotlight in the national discourse on transgender issues. The language includes ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, reproductive health care and autonomy

Hosted by Robin Yates and New Yorkers for Equal Rights. VID Members (ONLY) are welcome. May 20, @6:30pm. Please note, no charge for tickets, donations are optional. Click HERE for more details and to RSVP

The New York legislature has passed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) S108A for the second consecutive session, paving the way for its inclusion on the 2024 November ballot. The essentials in this long-fought-for legislation aim to prohibit discrimination by the government based on ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, and sex, including sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, and pregnancy outcomes. Critical issues such as reproductive autonomy and access to healthcare are also addressed.

NY must update the state’s constitution to protect historically marginalized groups, including women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, immigrants, and those with disabilities. With the threat of federal rollbacks on rights, the ERA is crucial to ensure equality for all New Yorkers. 

We must spread the word! NYers must flip their ballots in November and vote YES for the ERA. Start talking about it NOW with your friends, family, and co-workers. 

Check out this video here of Liz Kruger after the second passage of the ERA, or read the press release from her office here

Source: NYCLU, ACLU of NY



Why the Equal Rights Amendment Is Again a Hot Topic in New York, NYT article May 2024

Equal Rights Amendment in NY must be deleted from the ballot due to error: Rochester judge, article May 2024

Albany Budget Update

As details of the 2024-25 NY Budget emerge, we will update the VID Reading Library accordingly. Be sure to check for updated NY Budget analyses. 

  • News 11: New York lawmakers pass a $237 billion budget addressing housing construction and migrants here.
  • NY Focus: Assembly Spikes Biggest Climate Proposal in NY Budget here.
  • NY Focus: Your One-Stop Guide to the 2024 New York State Budget here.
  • NY State Assembly:  2024-35 State Budget here.
  • NY State. Gov: Governor Hochul Announces Historic Investments of FY 2025 State Budget here.
  • NY State Senate: The statement from NY State Senate is here.
  • NYT: New York Has a $237 Billion Budget. Here Are 5 Things to Know here.
  • NYT: In Late-Stage Budget Talks, Hochul Wins Concessions From N.Y. Lawmaker here.
  • Village Preservation: Mixed Results in Albany’s Housing Deal — The Battle Continues here.
  • WNYC: NY Budget and Climate, listen here.

One-Stop Guide to the 2024 New York State Budget HERE


May, 2024

Budget Analysis:

NY HEAT Act was not in the budget, a victory for the fossil fuel industry. Lisa Marshall of New Yorkers for Clean Power says the measure is key to meeting the state’s climate protection act goal of net zero emissions by 2050. But she says the New York state Assembly leadership prevented it from becoming part of the budget. “The Assembly is where climate bills go to die,” Marshall said. Liz Moran with Earthjustice agrees. “The Assembly ultimately didn't come to the table in good faith on this,” Moran said. (Source: NCPR). Form more on the breakdown of why the NY HEAT was not in teh budget read here

Renewable Action Through Project Interconnection and Deployment (RAPID) Act was in the budget. This legislation addresses the urgent need to achieve the State’s clean energy goals. The budget includes the Renewable Action through Project Interconnection and Deployment (RAPID) Act, which will create a one-stop-shop for environmental review, permit electric transmission, and improve the interconnection process. The state’s transmission permitting process will now feed into a clear statutory framework that balances transparency and environmental protection with the need for fast decision-making. Critically, this process will be responsive to community and stakeholder feedback while bolstering the reliability and resiliency of the state's electric grid. More on the bill here.


Affordable Housing

"Rental Supply Is Growing In These 10 NYC Neighborhoods, Study Finds" Patch article, May 2024

“Is a Housing “Shortage” Really the Cause of Unaffordability? Village Preservation article, May 2024

"Landlord Legislators Carved Themselves Out of Good Cause Eviction". A quarter of lawmakers in Albany are landlords. Almost none of them are covered by the most significant tenant protection law in years. New York Focus article, May 2024

Google’s New HQ Opens With Only a Fraction of the Nearby Low-Cost Housing Promised by Pols The City article, May 2024

‘We Don’t Want Anything Rolled Back’: Tenants Target REBNY as State Housing Talks Drag On" - Good Cause Eviction, City Limits article, April 2024

NY1 Inside City Hall segment featuring NYC Council-member Crystal Hudson (Brooklyn D-35) discussing a new framework tool that surveys the community in helping to determine ACTUAL affordable housing.  


Adams ‘City of Yes’ Business Boost Comes Up for Council Votes, Proposed zoning changes would make it easier for small businesses to locate in largely residential areas, prompting pushback from some corners. The City article, May 2024

Proposed zoning changes would make it easier for small businesses to locate in largely residential areas, prompting pushback from some corners.

"Rental Supply Is Growing In These 10 NYC Neighborhoods, Study Finds" Patch article, May 2024

“Is a Housing “Shortage” Really the Cause of Unaffordability? Village Preservation article, May 2024

"City of Yes” Rezoning Plan Has More Dangers, More Oversized Luxury Condos" Village Preservation article, May 2024

Adams kicks off “City of Yes” housing plan; next stop: community boards, New York Daily News article , April 2024

Public Review to Begin for Mayor’s ‘City of Yes’ Housing Plan, as Affordability Details Emerge: This review examines the pros and cons of the housing plan. City Limits article, April 2024

City of Yes for Housing Opportunity Will Protect New York’s Environment: In support of City of Yes Housing Opportunity from NY League of Conservation Voters. 

"Everything you need to know about the latest proposal in ‘City of Yes’, City & State article, April 2024

City of Yes, proposal by Mayor Adams


The congestion pricing program has become a contentious issue for Lower Manhattan. So, we need to be well-informed and understand this new policy. Proponents have promised transparency and constant monitoring of the new program to ensure effectiveness and fairness for downtown residents. We must hold them accountable by staying on top of the issue and our elected officials. Important updates and information will be added to the Congestion Pricing section. Please check back for updates. 

Starting June 30, 2024, vehicles entering the Congestion Relief Zone in Manhattan—local streets and avenues at or below 60 Street—will be charged a toll.  SEE NEW CONGESTION PRICING WEBSITE HERE.

The toll amount will depend on the type of vehicle, time of day, whether any crossing credits apply, and the method of payment. For example, passenger vehicles with E-ZPass will be charged $15 in the peak period and $3.75 overnight, once daily. Visit the MTA website for more details on toll rates. 

E-ZPass is the best and cheapest way to pay the toll. Most drivers will be able to pay with their existing E-ZPass tag and account. If you already have an E-ZPass account, make sure it is up to date with your current license plate number as this will be needed for appropriate discounts, exemptions, and crossing credits. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one on the E-ZPass website.

For more information, please see the press release HERE regarding the Central Business District Tolling Program (CBDTP)  - a/k/a Congestion Pricing

Applications for Discount and Exemption Plans Now Available Online

View Ad Campaign Materials


Sam Schwartz video: a recent meeting was held by Markers for Democracy, Downtown Nasty Women & Team Min with guest speaker Sam Schwartz.  He's the former commissioner of Transportation for NYC and presented on Congestion Pricing and answered many, many questions.  You can see the video HERE
MTA Congestion Pricing Info. HERE (a/k/a Central Business District) 

New Jersey Buses to Boost NYC Express Bus Service for Congestion Pricing, Even as State Sues, The City article, May 2024

Congestion Pricing Q&A, Curbed article, March 2024

MTA's summary of the actual tolls HERE

Congestion Pricing Moves Ahead -- details about the MTA's summary
WNYC -  Mar 29, 2024 The Brian Lehrer Show Transcript  HERE

Congestion pricing one step closer to reality in Manhattan -- more Q&A about details
WNYC -- 10 min listen -- 

This is a Politico article discussing the Green Amendment, approved by NY State residents in 2021, and its relevance to Congestion Pricing. Article here.

Four City Council Members (Carolina RiveraChris MarteErik Bottcher, and Keith Powers) have issued a letter addressing concerns about the Central Business District Tolling Program in NYC, stressing the need for fairness for residents below 60th Street. It suggests a residential discount program and emphasizes the importance of using generated revenue to improve transit infrastructure, citing recent subway issues. The representatives urged the MTA to consider these recommendations for the program's successful implementation, offering further discussion for a solution benefiting all New Yorkers, particularly those in the CBD. See full letter HERE

From Stephen Nessen, Gothamist:
Many people believe the MTA is secretly wasting money. Here’s a few tips on how you can track the MTA’s spending of your taxpayers dollars. The Construction and Development department for example, has revamped its website and listed most projects underway, costs and timelines. Here you can see MTA contracts and procurements. You can also dig into the MTA’s yearly operating budget and capital plan here. Of course the agency could do better. There’s state legislation to force the MTA to include details in the capital projects dashboard about all sources of funding for each project and specify whether it’s related to accessibility or resiliency. But to try to directly answer your question, we came close to the MTA actually running out of money in the pandemic. The federal government, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, came to the rescue with $16 billion to keep the system running and in a state of (relatively) good repair.

NYC Is About To Screw Up Congestion Pricing September, 2023 Vice article


‘I’m a warrior’: In new book, Tom Fox tells the story of the struggle to create Hudson River Park, Village Sun article, May 2024

Politicians push state to hold firm vs. titanic 5G towers, Village Sun article March, 2024


Megastores and Small E-Bike Shops Blow Off City Ban on Unsafe Batteries, The City article, May 2024

The Battle for the Streets of New York,  NYT article, May, 2024

What Happens When Speedy Mopeds Crowd Bike Lanes? The Brian Lehrer Show podcast, Aug. 2023

E-Bike Charging Pilot Program in the East Village - Village Sun article, March, 2024

Why Bicycle Deaths in NYC are at a 24 Year High - NYT article, March 2024

NYC Elections 

For 2024 Election Information, click HERE

Harvey Epstein declares for District 2 Council seat, Village Sun article, May 2024

The City Council race on the east side heats up

NY History

In celebration of Black History Month, NY1 presents, Harlem's History: Past & Present. 

Click HERE for episode link

NYC - Policy

When Did New York's Streets Get So Hollow - NYT


Organizations rally to add schools for immigrants, Article HERE

Environmental Issues

NY Heat Act - update! "Climate advocates plan to spend against incumbents blocking NY HEAT Act" read here- Keep the pressure up! For more info. on the NY Heat Act and ACTIONS, click HERE.

PFAS: Let’s get educated. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that are a public health and environmental concern. The use of PFAS is widespread in making products that resist grease, oil, water, and stains – such as non-stick pans, microwave popcorn bags, raincoats, cosmetics, fire-fighting foam, carpets, food wrappers, etc. The advocacy group WE ACT has been working to raise awareness of PFAS. On Oct. 31, 2019, WE ACT and its partners hosted a PFAS webinar to help educate our community about these chemicals and their threats. Watch the Video. And you can learn more about PFAS via this English/Spanish fact sheet: PFAS Fact Sheet (PDF).


NYC's Zero Waste: The New York League of Conservation Voters has published New York City's zero-waste goals. These are part of a NYC Council legislative package introduced in April 2022, which commits the city to a zero-waste by 2030 goal. Click here for the full policy agenda.

More Than Dirt Mayor Eric Adams scrapped New York City’s compost project. Here’s what will be lost. Civil Eats article

"Public Power Push Spreads to the Hudson Valley"State lawmakers are set to introduce a sweeping proposal for a public takeover of Central Hudson, the region’s scandal-plagued gas and electric utility. New York Focus article, May 2024

Governor Hochul's proposed Cap-and-Invest Program is a strategy aimed at curbing pollution, bolstering community investment, fostering job creation, and maintaining competitiveness. However, there are downsides to this program. The initiative, a variation of Cap and Trade, is designed to align with the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act's greenhouse gas emission reduction mandates. For a deeper dive into the pros and cons of this legislation, check out the following articles: 

Cap and Trade Basics: What It Is, How It Works, Pros & Cons

Gov. Hochuls Summary of Cap and Invest Program and 2023/2024 Press Release and Announcements.

2023 Reuters Eight Takeaways from a Sneak Peak of NY Cap and Invest Program and March 2023 Reuters Update.


NYS Legislators Introduce New Bill to Ban CO2 Fracking & Drilling for Gas - click HERE for info.


Help NY Save Tax Dollars, Cut Packaging by 50% & More!  Packaging Reduction & Recycling Infrastructure Act. Click HERE to EASILY contact your representatives and encourage them to support this Bill.

Many Environmentalists Don't Vote - article 

For more information see the VID Environmental Committee Reports HERE.

Healthcare and Hospitals

Op-Ed | Supporting social workers in addressing New York’s mental health crisis, AMNY article, May 2024

Why City Council members want to put a social worker in every NYPD precinct, AMNY article, May 2024

Beth Israel update from Arthur Schwartz, Village View article, May 2024

New NYC Hospital Safety Ratings For 2024: See Best, Worst, Patch article May 2024

The Village Sun - Court orders a halt on Beth Israel Hospital closure plan

Beth Israel - stops taking stroke and cardiac patients - Gothamist article, March, 2024

VID Resolution to Save Beth Israel VID unanimously approved a Resolution to Save Beth Israel Hospital and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, presented by VID co-Vice President David Siffert. For a detailed summary of the status of saving Beth Israel, click HERE. You can see the resolution HERE. 

Bitter pill to swallow: Pols slam plan to close Beth Israel Hospital - Village Sun article, March, 2024


No More 24

24-hour home-care workers to hold hunger strike outside City Hall - Village Sun article, March 2024

Home Care Aides Fight to End 24-Hour Shifts: ‘This Work Is Killing Them’ - NYT article, March 2024

Proposed NYC Council legislation HERE

For more information, see the VID TAKE ACTION section.


City Council Sidelines Community Input for Casino Developments by Passing Controversial Zoning Bill

City Council Approves Casinos

Community Board News

Levine Shakes up CB5, article


New trash bins in NYC, NYT article, March 2024

"What Does a Secretary of State Do?" 

 The Conversation article February, 2024

Manhattan Democratic Party

"Will Manhattan Democratic Party boss Keith Wright start a political dynasty or trigger a rebellion?" Wright’s son is running to represent the 70th Assembly District, and the primary election could become a proxy battle for Wright’s rivals in the county party. City & State article, May 2024