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Helpful NYS legislation tool: Reinvent Albany 

Helpful NY redistricting interactive map from CUNY 

NYC - Policy

City of Yes, proposal by Mayor Adams

When Did New York's Streets Get So Hollow - NYT

Environmental Issues


Congestion Pricing 

From Stephen Nessen, Gothamist:
Many people believe the MTA is secretly wasting money. Here’s a few tips on how you can track the MTA’s spending of your taxpayers dollars. 

The Construction and Development department for example, has revamped its website and listed most projects underway, costs and timelines. Here you can see MTA contracts and procurements. You can also dig into the MTA’s yearly operating budget and capital plan here. Of course the agency could do better. There’s state legislation to force the MTA to include details in the capital projects dashboard about all sources of funding for each project and specify whether it’s related to accessibility or resiliency.   

But to try to directly answer your question, we came close to the MTA actually running out of money in the pandemic. The federal government, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, came to the rescue with $16 billion to keep the system running and in a state of (relatively) good repair. 

Healthcare and Hospitals

The Village Sun - Court orders a halt on Beth Israel Hospital closure plan