No More 24 UPDATE

Apr 09, 2024

No More 24

On Monday, March 25th, home health care workers and supporters ended a six-day hunger strike advocating for No More 24 (Intro 615), aiming to end 24-hour shifts. Over sixty organizations, including VID, represented by Keen Berger, and groups like Downtown Nasty WomenNOW, and Youth Against Sweatshops, showed support. Media coverage has raised awareness.

While Speaker Adams mentioned home attendant workers in the City’s State Budget Priorities, the issue of 24-hour work days and Intro 615 has not been brought to a floor vote.  So, we continue to organize

  • Home attendant workers will set up tables by City Hall's Broadway entrance three times weekly. Once the schedule is confirmed, we'll request sign-ups for shifts to ensure an English speaker at each session.
  • A May Day rally and launching
  • Email campaign targeting City Council members

Check the VID Website for updates.